Apple App Ads Awash Online

My typical morning routine involves a very strong cup of coffee, and thorough survey of blogs, news sites, and more blogs. Over the past week, I had been seeing Apple heavily promoting that they were approaching 1,000,000,000 apps downloaded from their App Store. This a significant milestone for a newly created category, only nine months old.

Today there was a giant ad on which took up the entire front page… the side ad bar and then continued up onto the top banner with the clever slogan “Thanks a billion.”

I thought “wow, neat. Apple has promoted NYtimes in their iPhone ads before, maybe this is a favor that was being returned.”

Then I made my way onto and saw the same exact media gorging. In the interest of being “fair and balanced,” I ventured over towards the sunny world of Nothing! Thinking that perhaps this might only be a liberal-biased media conspiracy, I checked-out and saw the Apple ad.



Wall Street Journal:

Fox news, who either didn’t get asked to the dance, or chose to sit this one out:

My assessment is that these media blitzes are great when you love the product. In this case… I love the product. (After all, I’m probably responsible for purchasing most of the billion Apps anyway). Had it been a media blitz for, say,  the Snuggie — or something even worse — I might not have felt so warm by it all.