Watch Out Mini

There’s a few too many corporate branded Mini’s out there. It’s not your fault if someone buys your car and brands it, but please don’t let me find out that you have plans to co-brand and co-advertise with every company that needs a car for their roving promotion. I’m going to allow: Big Apple Circus, Red Bull, and Zip Car, the damage is done, but please stop there.

I was loving you when you pulled up in front of the Beastie Boys concert decorated in Throwies, but when I saw you last night at Union Square, I was 1/2 compelled and 1/2 repelled. Look, the LEDs are amazing… you know I’m a sucker. The car was twinklin’, but Zip Car put a huge, stupid Neon sign on the back and it was so not necessary. Plus the guy “promoting” Zip Car was a total sales jerk, and the whole thing came off as cheesy. So just watch out, nobody wants to think of their car as part Weinermobile and part commercial van.