Robert Tardio: Website

Fashion and beauty photographer Robert Tardio was looking to create a new website. The site would focus on his work and needed each image to be as large as possible on viewers’ monitors. Furthermore, it was important to create a dynamic back end that allowed the photographer the ability to upload new content regularly.

MSLK strategized an unobtrusive and intuitive navigational system that would be available on demand, collapsing easily for the beautiful photography to become the main attraction. In addition, we catered to different viewer needs by creating multiple methods of navigating the same content.

In order to keep the photographer’s work in focus, MSLK’s collapsible navigation could be summoned at any point within the website. The menu, when active, would “pause” the current page with overlays of color. These bold colors helped brand Robert Tardio’s work and sought to clearly establish his expertise within the fashion and beauty industries.

MSLK’s design solution for the website’s navigational components became immediately recognizable and emblematic of Robert Tardio’s brand, and has since evolved into his overall brand identity.