Hot Shop

I’m in love with a “new” store in Soho. No it’s not another flashy storefront like you might be expecting, but rather a humble second floor shop just off Broadway at Spring Street called Kiosk.

The core philosophy of Kiosk is unique, every 4-6 months they feature a different country and, in turn, their product offerings are a curated collection of the interesting high-end and low-end curiosities from that country. This month the country is Hong Kong.

The architecture and retail display within the store is as interesting as the products themselves. With a mixture of MacGyver skill and artistic vision, they use styrofoam coolers to create walls as well as string and binder clips to artfully hang objects in bundles.

Since the “disposable” water bottle I picked up in Paris and have been reusing for over 3 years now, is finally on its way out, I went on a mission to pick-up a new water bottle, the Finnish pocket flask. This handy, lightweight, plastic bottle will fit nicely into even my smallest pocketbook or even a large pants pocket. Here are a bunch of the flasks hung from the ceiling by their cap/belt loop.

I found this store to have a great mix of household items we use everyday, while each item is inherently infused with the culture and style of its native country. My friends and family can expect lots of gifts from there this year.

A visit to Kiosk will surely inspire and if nothing else it’s a more eco-friendly alternative to traveling around the world to experience a taste of Hong Kong.