New GIFs on Gif-Giving – for free!

Current times are proving that timely and relevant content is the key to social media; nothing is more important than staying connected with your community and letting them know you’re still here. People have been staying home for such a long time now that all the days have blended together.

Our response? We designed a GIF series to create entertaining content for your brand’s digital presence. These interactive gifs not only encourage your viewers to “play along,” but also to treat themselves afterward.

We wanted to make something shareable and timely, and research shows that although “self care” was trending for some time before quarantine, it has since skyrocketed to the top. Consumers are finding things to do at home, and beauty and wellness are benefitting the most.

These gifs are carefully curated to cover every part of the beauty industry from head to toe. The user got “add some steps to your skincare routine”? Direct them to your brand’s newest moisturizer. Let them know how your products are perfect for treating themselves. Give it a try for yourself — it’s the perfect time to add some self care to the day!

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