Greener Thoughts for a Happy New Year

It’s that time of the year.  MSLK is winding down and closing our doors for a little winter respite and regeneration. We hope you too will be enjoying a little R&R with friends and family so that we can all return in 2009 refreshed and ready. With the winter solstice behind us, I’ve been thinking a lot about how each day from now on will be getting just a little bit brighter. I am optimistically looking forward to a new year, a new administration, and a birth of green innovation to lead us out of this rut of global warming and recession.

In the spirit of regeneration, and with great appreciation for our fair city, our friends and our clients, MSLK has made a donation to the New York Restoration Project.

The New York Restoration Project was founded by Bette Midler in 1995.  I discovered the NYRP when they began converting vacant lots in our old neighborhood on the LES into community gardens. One of my personal favorites is the new Toyota Children’s Learning Garden on East 11th Street, which opened this summer. Together with friends, we helped plant a special pine tree there in honor of our friends Allison and JJ’s wedding this fall.

In addition, NYRP has been instrumental in the renovations in the East River Park where the Pigeons play softball. I can assure you the transformation has been amazing.

These days, as budgets are tight and funds are short, many organizations are suffering, but when we consider what is important to us we truly believe that a little bit of nature in everyone’s life helps to calm, cool, and inspire. Although supporting New York City green spaces won’t lead us out of these woes, perhaps it will create just a little space where some brilliant New Yorker will discover a sustainable solution to transform the world around us.

Let 2009 be the year of the green revolution!