A New Tradition: The Pre Papa Party

A few years back, one friend suggested —  make that insisted — that we throw a party for another friend to celebrate that he was going to be a dad. It was declared that this would be a “Pre Papa Party” —  his last gasp of any freedom left from the tyranny of diapers and Baby Einstein. It would also be another excuse to get our core group of guys together and have a night out and try new things in and around NYC that we had never gotten around to doing.

Between our collective bachelor parties and PPP’s, we’ve fired semiautomatic weapons, gambled triumphantly, eaten expensive fondue, had platzas, ridden in limousines, dined with city officials in the Bronx, and sung really awful karaoke. Our exploits are known from New Orleans and  Jersey Shore, to Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Canada.

Last week was our latest PPP for Matt Lipstein, who goes by “Lippy” and I knew this one needed to be taken up a notch to further our Bond of the Brotherhood. We needed to make a bold statement…

As group of neurotic germaphobes, tattoos were out of the question. After thinking about a less painful method, I found a company that sells temporary tattoo paper you can print on any laser of inkjet printer.

All that was needed was a graphic.

After trying number of unsuccessful options, I found that by adding one more “P” to “Lippy” I could work in the words “Pre Papa Party” while having the “Y” be shared by the words “Lippy” and “Party.”

When we all met at a bar in Brooklyn, I came equipped with the pre-printed tattoos already trimmed and ready to go… all that was needed was a dab of water and a steady hand.

Despite the glossy effect of the camera flash, the Brotherhood was strong that night, and gone by morning: