Too Far Too Close

This past weekend a few friends and I (including our new intern Kirsty from England) went to check out the Os Gemeos (pronounced “ose zhe’-mee-ose”) show entitled “Too Far Too Close” at Deitch Gallery. Unfortunately Saturday was the last day of the show, but I wanted to post some of the images that my friend Sean took because the small detail and intricate stencil work was really great and made the show. I wasn’t sure that the overall aesthetic of these Brazilian Artists is exactly my taste, but the show was impressive — not only because of the scale and abundance of work, but for the two brothers’ ability to maintain their distinct style without it feeling repetitive or overdone. All and all, it was a fun show with sound effects and camera’s rigged into the larger installations.

We followed up the gallery show by going to to the IFC’s screening of the documentary Beautiful Losers about at DIY art collective from the 1990s (who is still largely working). The movie has been a long time coming, but was well worth the wait. It was amazing, go see it!!