Fabulously Absolut

Vodka is a strange thing, indeed. It’s essentially diluted alcohol, and — if made correctly — should have no taste whatsoever. That’s what makes the sale and packaging of it so appealing from a marketing standpoint. It’s a blank canvas.

The other week this caught our eye: an Absolut Vodka bottle encased in dicso mirrors.

This limited edition gift pack is part of a long tradition of Absolut’s innovative marketing initiatives. Their long-running “Absolut _______ ” ad campaign was popular throughout the 80s, and loved by everyone. (In fact, Sheri was rumored to have plastered her entire dorm room wall in college with ones torn out from magazines).

We still have an Absolut holiday promotion (by Cynthia Rowley) from a few years back which we use to keep our bottle warm and cozy: