The Poconos Made My Holiday

This year, I spent Christmas with my girlfriend’s family. This was the first time I was away from my family and my first time on a snowy mountain – we do not have that back home. After spending 4 days in Boston, we headed to The Poconos. The mountains were great. We went snow-tubing and learned to snowboard. Snow-tubing was exciting for the first 3 rounds, but I wish I had more time to practice snowboarding. I did not expect it to be so challenging. When I looked at others, it seemed easy, but once I was strapped to the board, wow… it is harder than it looks.

The training class we took was super helpful, I recommended training if you are a first timer. The instructor taught us all the basic tricks to get down the mountain. It was nerve-racking, but Wuhuu…. I made it down once by the end of the day, I am already so excited to get back to the mountains. Totally fun!

Marc leant me his snowboarding attire, those waterproof knee padded pants really helped. However, I wish I had brought a butt padding with me to reduce bruises that I got from falling onto the ice. I guess this would not be a problem for Claudia on the Swiss Alps.

Some pictures…

Merry and Peter going up the mountain for snow-tubing.

Me… posing after my first round down the mountain.

The house that we rented at The Poconos.

A billboard I found in Boston.