Sweet Little Psycho Bunny

Guys, are you tired of the preppy polo shirts with crocodile and horse logos? Then you’re ready for Psycho Bunny. These shirts not only make you look good, but also show you’ve got a sense of humor.

British designer Robert Godley reinterprets the conservative polo shirt style by combining high-end traditions with edge. His line features a bunny skull and crossbones logo – Psycho Bunny.

Last year, Yves and I first spotted the shirts at Barney’s where they were soon sold out. Launched in 2007, the line has finally an official website where you can buy them online.

The shirts come in six different colors. They also feature the initials P.B. on the back, next to the collar.

Psycho Bunny is more than another variation of the popular skull-and-crossbones apparel theme. It’s the crazy, ironic twist that I just love.
In case you are desperately looking for a Valentine gift – this might be your last resource… And if your date is really fashionable (or courageous), you should get him a Psycho Bunny tie. Seriously, how can you not love sweet little Psycho Bunny?