Wedding in Alpine Perfection

The weekend before last, I was at my friend’s wedding in Berguen, a small mountain village (520 people) in the Swiss canton Graubuenden, about 2 1/2 hours southeast of Zurich by train. Berguen is a great place for hiking and biking in the temperate months and becomes one of the country’s best sledding runs in the winter.The day of the wedding, I took the train to Preda, an even smaller village, and hiked down to Berguen (approx. 1 1/2 hour). I enjoyed the fresh air and the breathtaking view. How different, compared to New York!The village Berguen is famous for its “Engadiner” architectural style. Plus, I just learned, that the first Heidi movie was shot 1952 in Berguen.It’s hard to find a place to celebrate your wedding with more charm than the Kurhaus Berguen, a beautiful art nouveau hotel, built in 1905.Dinner was served in the ballroom. Look at that awesome sky-blue ceiling!I can highly recommend the Kurhaus Berguen for a great hiking or biking get-away or to celebrate a party with friends or family in a unique atmosphere. The rooms are simple, but nice and affordable. Another reason to go there is the hotel restaurant “La Peida”, serving delicious traditional Swiss cuisine. Last Tuesday, I flew back to New York with a suitcase full of Swiss chocolate for MSLK and – in spite of everything – happy to come back to my new home.