Brooklyn Ecopolis: MSLK Partners with Sustainable Resource Center in New York City

Brooklyn seems to tbe the epicenter of New York City’s most forward-thinking green initiatives. Whether it’s urban farms, green roofs, farm-to-plate initiatives, or green buildings themselves — it’s got it all.

MSLK is proud to be partnering with Brooklyn Ecopolis, a non-profit 501(c)3, community-based education and resource center aimed at promoting access to sustainable products, services, and innovations for healthy living.

Located on Smith Street, Brooklyn’s newly crowned “restaurant row,” Brooklyn Ecopolis  was founded in 2009 to provide easy access to education and information on products and resources for energy efficient and sustainable living. The building incorporates eco-friendly materials, energy efficient systems, and solar technologies.

It’s really quite impressive — there’s a local café below with a free, community-accessible space for people to learn and explore practical information on how to incorporate cost-effective, energy efficient, affordable products and solutions into everyday living. The food and beverage sold at the café comes from local sources.

We are currently in the process of installing Take-Less in the café area. Our project’s message of reducing the amount of plastic waste fits in perfectly with Ecopolis’s ideals as well, since the Café uses biodegradable and recycled paper supplies and focuses on recycling and composting as a strong aspect of waste management for local sustainability. We especially liked their plastics, which are made from sustainable vegetable sources, rather than petroleum.

We’ll keep you posted with updates as to the installation for an opening date. Until then, please go and visit!