Happy Birthday to Marc!

Yesterday was Marc’s birthday and surprise, surprise he wanted to have Thai food, but not just ANY Thai food—the best in NYC. So of course we went to Woodside, Queens. I know it hard to believe, but foodies and critics agree that Sripraphai Thai Restaurant on 39th Avenue delivers the best, authentic Thai food in town. In fact, it received 2 stars from the New York Times which is the highest honor granted these days to any outer borough restaurant (there are only 4, 2-star restaurants in Queens; 5, 2-star restaurants in Brooklyn; 1, 1- star restaurant in the Bronx and nothing in Staten Island).

Having traveled all over Thailand, sampling the Tom Ka Gai soup at every establishment, Marc considers himself a bit of an expert on the proper preparation, and Sripraphai always delivers. My ONLY caution is order everything mild or medium. Thai’s like their food spicy, seriously spicy. And Sripraphai aims to deliver the truly authentic experience.