Wigwam Mills “Your Personal Best” Annual Marketing Campaign by MSLK

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Following the success of the previous year’s campaign, Wigwam Mills, a third generation, family-run sock manufacturer needed a new marketing campaign that would focus on their innovative fiber technologies and increase their presence in the performance sock market.

MSLK created the overall marketing message of “Your Personal Best” for 2010. This aspirational campaign would be implemented into everything the brand touched and inspire the entire Wigwam family-from manufacturers, to sales teams, retailers, and consumers.

The visual representation of “Your Personal Best” features athletes in the moment of actively achieving their personal best, showcasing the fiber technologies of the sock in play. A visual language of pulsating rings called attention to these key features. This allowed Wigwam to explain these often complex technologies as benefits to the consumer.

Wigwam seamlessly adopted the new campaign and implemented it into all promotional mediums- from sales presentations, conversations, blog posts, and even their holiday cards.



Our overall marketing campaign touched every media from the sales materials, to online, pr, and in store. 


Sales Catalogs

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Trade Advertising


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Online Advertising


Social Media and PR Concepts