What Makes Great Design for Hair Care and Beauty Brands?

Beauty is an Experience
The pursuit of beauty is an experience more than just a commodity. When women purchase beauty products, they look beyond the quality of the merchandise and evaluate the all-encompassing aura of the brand. This includes the entire brand identity—the product itself, the packaging, the retail environment, and even the website’s online shopping experience. Because beauty is a pampering process, women only want the best, and providing a luxurious escape is the key to success.

In the beauty industry, client endorsements and word-of-mouth referrals are the strongest forms of marketing. MSLK acknowledges this unique consumer behavior and strives to create products that inspire users to discuss and share with others.

Great Beauty Branding Touches All Five Senses

Beauty packaging is a brand’s primary opportunity to connect with press, sales representatives, and customers. In addition, beauty and hair care products require clear systems that distinguish between different product lines and features, yet unify the brand as a whole. Our expertise within the beauty market has enabled our design agency to create beautiful yet identifiable hair care and beauty packaging that brings out the personality of the product while establishing your core point-of-difference.

Beyond hair care and beauty packaging, there is more to the aura of beauty branding. MSLK is aware of the small details that make up the consumer experience. Product samples, education on use and benefits, the retail experience, even GWPs, are all small, yet important experiences that help form an overall brand identity.

Beauty websites are another crucial opportunity to create loyal followers to your brand. MSLK understands how to strategically take hair care and beauty brands online. We utilize wire frames, a visualization tool that create a proper foundation before adding aesthetic elements in order to plan for your needs now, but the future as well. Properly created beauty websites should not only market your products but also broaden your brand’s image. As a design agency for beauty brands, we have the insight to evaluate what components are needed to create a luxurious, functional and long-lasting website.

A Design Agency for Beauty Brands

MSLK, a design agency for beauty brands, understands the importance of a brand’s image and its ability to build consumer loyalty and achieve industry recognition. Our agency has experience in working with every facet of the beauty industry, from initial product development, to strategic branding, to distribution, to retail and sales. We strive to provide clients with a creative, yet targeted, solution that will be successful in every stage of the product life cycle.


Our team has had the pleasure of assisting in the enhancement of beauty, personal care, and hair care brands such as: Aveda, American Crew, Johnson & Johnson, MOP Modern Organic Products, Redken, Rusk, and Sephora.

To us, beauty is more than skin-deep. It’s about catering to consumers and producing unique design and marketing solutions that ultimately make women feel fabulous. Let MSLK partner with you to reach your brand’s highest potential and send out a unified message across varied forms of media.