Maplex: Catalog


Maplex, the manufacturer of an environmentally friendly surfacing material, wanted to introduce their new product to a wide audience that included architects, product designers, and engineers. Overloaded with complex technical information, Maplex had trouble distilling their product’s best features into a simple, intriguing story that would reach a broader audience.

MSLK began by streamlining Maplex’s messaging into three key points—strength, flexibility, and eco-friendliness. We further translated the key points into compelling images that established a clear visual language. Above all, we strategized to create the brochure’s cover out of the material itself. This allowed the audience to directly experience the product in their hands and understand how it performs.

With a broad audience to appeal to, MSLK devised a large format to boost visibility at trade shows. Furthermore, this large size accommodated a pocket on the back cover, allowing sales representatives to tailor the technical content for specific audiences. We reinforced Maplex’s environmentally sound practices by printing on FSC-certified paper with soy ink and repurposing the excess punches from the cover to create a swatch ring. Attaching this swatch ring would strategically keep the Maplex name on the spine of the brochure when stored on bookshelves.

During its debut at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, the brochure immediately raised Maplex’s brand awareness and became one of the most visible promotions at the show. Our innovative design-solution continued to create a memorable presence as it went on to promote the brand at other trade shows and on the bookshelves of recipients.