I Can’t Help but Love Martha Stewart


I had a hot Friday night at the craft store. I needed to make a new guitar strap for Marc, pick up supplies for my Halloween costume, the studio, and finish a few other 1/2 completed projects. While I was there perusing the aisles for other projects I might want to start, I came across an entire aisle of Martha Stewart craft supplies. I had never seen this before.

First of all the packaging is amazing. Note the wire hangers at top for standard stock hanging and the punched holes at the bottom. This IS revolutionary packaging. I’ve never seen anything like it. The holes at the bottom are for you to add these elements into presumably your MS binder, where you neatly maintain all of your scrapbooking supplies–great added value, and it looks cool.

So even though I HATE scrapbooking, I happen to love press type, paper tags and other little bits and pieces that other scrapbookers love. I purchased 2 packs of type in different fonts, perfect for making birthday cards.

Once again Martha, thank you for invading another part of my life, that didn’t seem like it needed more “ready made design” — but I have to admit, I was giddy with joy.