Eiertütsche – A Swiss Easter Tradition

Thoughts after my first Easter in New York:

  • You can’t judge an egg-decorating kit by its cover; the results look different.
  • I just had to introduce the Swiss “Eiertütsche” tradition in New York. I can’t believe there is no special way to crack open an easter egg here!
  • I have mixed feelings when it comes to American Easter treats: Surprisingly, I love the yellow Peeps (even though they are incredibly sweet) – but, sorry, Marc, I just can’t share your passion for Cadbury Creme Eggs.

In past years, egg coloring was a fun activity with my niece Anna. This year, Yves generously offered me to fill in for Anna. I think he enjoyed it… the egg with the little face is his impressive master piece…

We picked the “5 in 1 Egg Decorating Kit” mainly because of the promising company’s name “Easter Unlimited”.

The kit truly offered unlimited egg decorating tools: Liquid egg dyes, a decorating pallet, brushes, sponges, stickers as well as a wax pen, which turned out to be the most fun tool. You could use the wax pen to write “magic messages or drawings” on the eggs – you only saw what you’ve written with the invisible wax pen on the white egg after you dipped the egg in the color…

The bottom line is: our eggs don’t really look as neat as the eggs on the cover – they look more like a very experimental kids’ project. But it was fun!

My mother used to color eggs with natural dyes and leaves or blossoms from our garden. I have to admit, her eggs looked much more beautiful than ours:

As for the finished product, I would never eat an Easter egg by breaking its shell just by myself. “Eiuertütsche” is a Swiss Easter tradition: you try to break someone else’s eggshell by hitting your egg’s point to his eggs’ point. The one whose eggshell lasts the longest is the “winner”. Hm, sounds like a competitive game, but it’s actually fun!

In this picture you can see that my fancy orange-pink egg is the winner. Ha!