Making it Work

Yesterday Marc and I had the pleasure of participating in the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum’s Teen Design Fair. This was our second year of joining well known graphic, fashion, industrial designers and architects to speak to high school students on what it means to pursue a career in art and design. The program is part of National Design Week at the museum and the purpose is to bring awareness to the design professions as a whole.

Participants at the fair have included: Issac Mizrahi, Liz Lange, Cynthia Rowley, Milton Glaser, Deborah Adler, Ema Frigerio from C&G Partners, Georgianna Stout of 2×4, Brian Chui of Smart Design, Michael Chung of IDEO, Gregory Stanford of the Rockwell Group, and our personal favorite, Tim Gunn of Project Runway. Not a bad crowd to be associated with.