Great Fake E-commerce Website

You never know where inspiration will come from, a while back Marc’s mom sent us a forward of a forward to a “hilarious” Dutch site. We all agreed it wasn’t quite “hilarious” but it was pretty innovative and surely over the top. At first it’s a standard shopping card product page. Then the normally static products break from their catalog grid and fall over, explode, and spill into each other causing a domino like calamity on the page.

My personal favorite is the light that shines through the magnifying glass, starts a fire on the key line, and steams up the kettle above. The site is completely fake, you can’t buy anything or click on any of the links, but it succeeds in cleverly showcasing a wide range of products in an engaging and entertaining manner. I was left wondering, what if this was real? Wouldn’t that be a great way to quickly guide your customers through the range of products you offer, all while entertaining them? Think of the viral marketing you’d get from all those happy and entertained customers. I mean how often can you forward the shopping cart of a website to a friend with the subject line “great fun”?

Go viral, be disruptive, and have fun!