Each year, MSLK creates a holiday card that allows us to connect with our clients on a more personal level. Traditionally, we have created high-production print pieces with a practical use. This year we wanted to give ourselves a new challenge by creating something viral to be enjoyed year round. We decided on an iPhone app, which could be used by millions on iOS devices throughout the world.

Since the holidays are about capturing and sharing moments with your family and friends, we conceived of a fun photo app we call OTO that allows users to take photos with their iPhones and embellish them with fun graphics. Additionally, these images could easily be shared via email and Facebook, building an online community to further promote the app.

Our goal was to offer instant gratification. A user can easily select a theme via a horizontal scrollbar, so testing out one theme after another is effortless. The illustrations are fun, yet sophisticated and use a consistent style to embellish any subject. Additionally, we created an iconic OTO logo that would stand out among the thousands of app icons on the iTunes store and on the iPhone itself.

OTO is quickly catching on with our friends, family, clients and people throughout the world. Hundreds downloaded it immediately following its debut in the Apple Store, and within the first two weeks, grew to over 2000 users. As more and more people download the app, they are encouraged to post their OTOs to the OTO Facebook page. OTO is ever expanding and updatable as we continue to add new themes and features throughout the year.