Store-Brand Packaging

Publix Oatmeal

Coincidentally I was also noticing the grocery isles the past few days while in Florida, taking note of Publix’s in-house brand packaging. In a similar vein to tampon packaging, the history of store-brand packaging isn’t a pretty one. In an effort to compete with name brands, grocery/drug stores have tried a variety of tactics, ranging from mimicking the most successful packaging to inconsistent systems with different packaging per product. It seems to be a challenging task for a grocery store to brand itself among third party products. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Publix, a southern grocery chain, seems to be doing something right. The packaging system is simple enough – silhouetted imagery (photography and illustration) on a clean white background with prominent color coding to distinguish each product within a category. In almost every instance, the Publix brand cut through the clutter on the shelf and drew my attention.

Publix Oatmeal Close-Up

Publix Cones

While the packaging design may not be perfect, it’s certainly successful in standing out on the shelf and providing a clear system to distinguish products.