MSLK: Holiday Card ’07

MSLK-Holiday Card Stand

Every year MSLK creates a holiday card that doubles as a small client gift. For 2007, we wanted the card to reinforce our commitment to sustainable design.

MSLK conceived a card that could be repurposed into a card holder and be used year after year or year-round. Our design solution educated recipients that sustainable design goes beyond just using eco-friendly materials, but also includes creating keepsake items that are meant to last a lifetime.

MSLK highlighted three keywords — enjoy, repurpose, and display — to capture the essence and function of our holiday card. To further reinforce our environmental commitment, we worked with local printers to produce the cards on recycled chipboard.

MSLK’s 2007 holiday card was well received and highly requested. Years later, these card holders are still being put to use and can be found on the desks of our clients.