Building a Better Tampon Package

Can someone please hire MSLK to redesign tampon packaging? These days, everyone wants products which create an emotional connection with the consumer. Rather than create new creams, potions, and serums to deliver this connection, why not start by changing our relationship to things we need and use every day? I’m talking toilet paper, deodorant, fabric softener, and yes, even the lowly tampon. Rather than just a “need,” why not make my purchase a “want”?

Unless you are offering unbleached or organic cotton, tampon purchases are not really based on the features… please spare me new developments in the rope…. I’d rather have a cute package with polka dots.

Now there are a few brands out there making strides in this department, most notably Moxie. However, having your tampons shipped in from Australia is not a practical solution for the everyday consumer. And that is what I am talking about—changing the everyday, at everyday prices. All it takes is some better graphics and the same 4-c0lor printing/production techniques companies are already using.

I also stumbled upon these free samples from Tampax at my doctor’s office. This isn’t a bad start either. However, when boxed, the exterior packaging loses all of the interior wrappers’ emotional appeal. Although blue might be a color the Tampax brand can “own” at the retail level, this specific shade and the amount used on the packaging is very cold and corporate. I could easily imagine office supplies inside this same box instead of a personal care product.

Why not demand great packaging and personal connections with the staple products that we use everyday? We’ve lost that in our race to build bigger corporations that can always deliver something new, but what happened to “we care”? As we start to think about things such as the environment, and buying goods made in America, perhaps of that local, personal connection will return.

That’s what MSLK is hoping will happen with your relationship to socks. As MSLK wraps up our year-long redesign with Wigwam socks, we hope you will see that even the seemingly mundane task of buying socks can be transformed into feeling good about where your socks came from, the people who made them, and your purchase overall—without having to spend a penny more.