What’s Your Affordable Luxury?

Affordable Luxury Webinar 5/6/09 from MSLK on Vimeo.

Thank you to everyone who joined us today for our first webinar on “Positioning Your Brand as an Affordable Luxury” . I really appreciate all of the great feedback, pointers and responses we’ve received thus far. It seems that many of you agree with the positioning opportunities that we’ve defined and I truly hope that our insights provided you with a new lens of how to view the marketing initiatives  you see all around.

For those of you who requested it, you can download a PDF of the presentation here. I know 20 minutes goes by quickly and you may want to spend some time reviewing the samples we provided in detail. A video of the presentation with audio will also be available online soon. Check back here for more details.

Let’s keep the dialogue going. Share with us your feedback on the presentation, thoughts on the content, as well as innovative examples that you see of this in practice as a comment below. Certainly there are more opportunities than we could possibly cover in 20 minutes!