Oy, Robot

We all went with Emil to an authentic Indonesian restaurant tonight (delicious). Of the many topics discussed over dinner — and there were many — was what nationality I resembled most. No consensus was reached.

I readily admit to having a vague sense of my true genealogy… a dash of Austrian, a sprinkle of Russian, and some English. I simply can’t account for my looking “half-anything,” while my parents look fairly white bred.

This is all under the larger umbrella of being Jewish, as my last name “Levitt” is a dead giveaway to those in the know (the ancient Levite tribe was something of a big deal back in The Day). But I wouldn’t say that I’m a typical-looking Jewish guy.

Upon arriving home, I was viewing our friend Tina’s excellent blog and had a revelation: I must be part-robot!

There’s now a site where you can buy one of my people: Guy Robot. I’ll admit that the resemblance is uncanny. Take a look at his skinny arms and legs, amazing posture, and tendency towards wearing all-black. He’s even circuit-sized!

Best of all, the mono, 1/4-inch arms of my ancestors fit perfect with modern electric guitars, yet their chests are fully USB 2.0 compatible. According to the website:

Levit is a robot who values style as much as functionality. As a switchboard operator working the metro patch panel, Levit sees first hand the boom in text messaging. He wonders whether the art of the hand-written letter will be lost forever.

Adopt a “Levit” today!