A Powder Room (for cats)

At MSLK no opportunity to design goes untouched so when faced with the challenge of how to add a cat box into the studio we drew some inspiration from the booming luxury pet industry and then went to work.

Our former intern Jacqueline was charged with the task of creating a hidden cat box inside of a bench to reside at the top of our stair case. After a few weeks of measuring the space, cats, and accouterments, a 1/4 scale model was created.

We then turned the task over to our trusty millworkers and…voilá.

The cats enter the bench on the side near our own restroom. Inside, they have an Astroturf patch to de-litter before exiting. We’ve also included a separate storage area for extra litter. The bench can be opened by pressing on the front panel, which has a magnetic, push-release hinge. The back side has air holes for ventilation.

Cat entrance.

As Emil already stated, you can almost always find one feline lounging on top of the bench as well.

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