MSLK Joins in to Help Give Insight to LIC Business

We were invited to join a  group of 30 LIC business owners to meet Queens Borough President Helen Marshall and Deputy Mayor Robert Lieber in order to discuss the issues we face in this economy.

This was a great honor for us to be included, as we have always been very interested in helping shape Long Island City, making it better, and raising overall awareness.

As we went around the room introducing our businesses and telling how long we have been in LIC, it became clear that MSLK was among the few veterans in the group, with over six years under our belts.

I was also happy to hold up the Guide to Green Business we just designed for the LICBDC that had been handed out to everyone, and say “well, we designed this.”

When my work can speak for itself, it usually says what I do far more eloquently than I am able to do. (As you can imagine, Sheri does not have this same issue…which is why I let her do most of the talking.)

It was interesting to hear businesses of all stripes and colors talk about their struggles. The majority of the conversations centered around restaurant health inspections, parking woes and loan procurements issues.  It was truly encouraging to see our local government making efforts to help small businesses, who really are the backbone of our city.

I would be remiss to mention that part of the appeal of going was to finally meet Helen M. Marshall. She first came to my attention in Halloween 2007 when our friend Joni (aka “the Jonester” to all regular Reactions fans) came to the  2007 MSLK “HallowQueens” party dressed as Ms. Marshall. The theme was “Queens” and everyone was encouraged to dress up in their best interpretation of anything to do with Queens, however loose your interpretation was.

There were prizes and Joni won, mostly due to the torrent of encyclopedic facts about Queens she spouted off to all who asked. And those who didn’t.

Here’s Joni as Helen Marshall (with her prize… a carved pumpkin of a queen’s crown):

And the Real McCoy:

I couldn’t work up the nerve to tell this odd story to Ms Marshall, nor do I think it would have gone over too well. As much of an honor as it may seem, I suppose being told that a perfect stranger dressed up as you for Halloween might not be music to everyone’s ears.

Please folks, you’re more than welcome to dress up as yours truly. For Halloween, or any day.