Marc Levitt to Speak About Website Design: April 14th

I’ll be giving a talk next week about the key things companies should watch out for before embarking on a website redesign (hint: it’s never as easy as you think it’ll be).

Last year I wrote a widely published article “Nine Steps to a Successful Site Redesign” which I will be basing the majority of my talk on.

MSLK has a lot of experience here, having helped a variety of companies develop their own sites over the years for clients as varied as the established Wall Street Journal and Wigwam Mills to the more out-there M Studio and James Porto. We recently had the opportunity turn the tables on ourselves last year by launching our own redesigned site.

Websites have become the most essential marketing tool for businesses. Unfortunately, many websites are developed without any plans for the content — much less a process for developing such a complex project.

I hope to ease frustrations surrounding web development by outlining nine steps to ensure that the sites you (or MSLK…) design today will be an effective investment for years to come. I’ll be covering topics such as obtaining a full team buy-in, how to evaluate technology, planning fresh content, search engine optimization, and driving traffic to your completed project.

International Exhibition of Creative Textile Design
Wednesday April 14, 2010
3:30 PM

Altman Building
135 West 18th Street
New York 10011

Free Admission / Trade Only
Register here.