Design Nerd Vinyl

This weekend, while perusing the records at Academy Records in Williamsburg my roommate Gary came across “Candy Chang’s Typography Record.” With a great silk screened jacket and an ironic track list who could resist?

Serif side
a1 . Telegram 41
a2 . El Lissitzky’s Revenge

Sans-serif side
b1 . Bravo Futura
b2 . The Letterpress Express

As it turns out, I am the design nerd — while every hipster had a stack of vinyl under their arm, this was my one purchase….

The record is electronic with no lyrics (sad because that could have been fun) but the four tracks are really good. It turns out it the record was designed and produced by the New York design studio, Red Antenna (Candy Chang is one of the founders of the studio). The record is also featured in the book Fingerprint, which we have here in the studio…who knew? All this great stuff for only 4 bucks!