Teich Opening Brings Hope

The recession may not be over yet, but this weekend I literally saw and felt hope from New Yorkers. It came in the form of the opening of a new shop, Teich, run by our good friend Allison Teich.

Teich sells her own line of eco-friendly handbags as well as a curated collection of socially conscious goods all made right here in NYC. Perhaps inspired by the general goodwill that Teich brings into her products, in a very non-stereotypical New York fashion neighbors, shop owners, and long-time residents have been pouring in throughout the week to welcome Allison. Her new shop at 84 East 7th Street represents new life to the East Village, just as spring has come around to show us that the sun just might shine again.

We personally wish Allison the best of luck.  Her success thus far is certainly an inspiration. (photo: Matthew Polis)