While seeing the ICFF has an annual tradition, smelling it is something new. That’s me verifying the scent of banana on — that’s right folks — scratch n sniff wallpaper.

As Claudia mentioned, the show was in full-effect last week. Click below to see some of the highlights.

Flocked, typographic wallpaper creates a fuzzy sensation:

See it… feel it…

Delicately punched-out paper wallcoverings :

An amazing decorative display using square aluminum tubing:

Loved this logo. According to the manufacturer, cats seek out the most comfortable places to sleep, why not their customers?

The ICFF attracts its share of celebrities. In this case, pixie-like Project Runway winner Christian Siriano was there visiting various booths. I was happy to note that I was actually taller than him.

Sheri and I had a brief fantasy about purchasing this rug. We’ll keep you posted if it turns to reality.

Emil’s roommate is a graduate student at NYC’s School of Visual Art. He designed an exhibit debuting at the ICFF which featured the student’s interpretation of various things that can be done with a humble Ikea pine chair. Ikea essentially gave the students a plain-jane chair, and the assignment was to take a word and interpret the word visually while somehow incorporating the chair. All were humorous takes, and some were downright outrageous. (I think I am doing a bad job of explaining this, but trust me, it was quite clever what they came up with):

Sheri was intrigued at how this manufacturer has a signature icon which was punched into all their furniture:

This chair was brilliant. It was inspired by fabric swatches, and incorporated into the design of the chair. Don’t like the color red today? Change it!

Silly, but why not…

Bad table!