T-Mobile is Making the Magenta a Little More Green

Say what you will about corporations jumping on the green band wagon. Yes, it’s annoying, but hey, even if the motivations are a bit transparent, I’m all for any positive eco changes. I recently received a flier in my last T-Mobile bill promoting their new campaign to get customers to go paperless. Now granted, I’ve signed up twice online to get paperless but I inevitably keep getting a bill by mail (and yes I know — a flier to go paperless, mehh) BUT I thought the promotion was pretty cool.

T-Mobile has partnered with the Arbor Day foundation on a their Restoration Project to plant trees in weather damaged regions of the US like New Orleans and Southern California. For every customer who goes paperless, they will plant a tree on their behalf. So yes I have signed up again, maybe the third time is the charm and hopefully a tree will be planted too! Sign up if you are a T-Mobile’er too. Happy Earth Day!