Offset CO2 with a TerraPass


Here’s a buzz word you’re bound to hear if you hang around the green community long enough: “TerraPasses.” These are carbon offset credits you can purchase to make you feel better about things you do that aren’t so good for the environment. In this case, most often burning fuel via car and airplane. Feeling bad about that 26 hr. flight to Japan you are about to take? According to TerraPass’s calculator that little journey will be giving mother earth 5,267 lbs. of CO2 she doesn’t need.

TerraPass suggests that you purchase their Intercontinental pass for $36.95 and you and the earth will be square. That’s actually not so bad considering you will be paying $1,300 for your ticket anyway. Why the airlines don’t just roll $30 into the other taxes and fees you are already paying is beyond me… JetBlue could partner up with TerraPass and present it as an add-on at check out. Now there’s a unique message from an airline.
What is the benefit behind the “credit” and what is happening with your money? It’s no different than buying windpower. You are:
1. Making a statement that you think global warming is real and you want to work towards a change
2. Making a donation to support people/projects currently working towards change. Recent TerraPass projects include supporting windfarms, methane capture programs, and other landfill conversion efforts.
In short, TerraPass is just giving you an alternate way to make a donation to the things you believe in. Rather than calling you on the telephone at dinner time asking for money, they are saying “every time you travel, think of us.”
For those of us who travel constantly for business, it’s a hot topic. At a lecture the other night, a “green” speaker was quick to point out that her last trip was offset with a TerraPass.
Obviously TerraPasses are not going to fix our problems, it’s really not even a solution—more like a tiny bandaid.
However, at least it has people talking.