Redken: Deal Sheet


Redken 5th Avenue NYC, a leading professional hair care brand, needed to inject new life into their number one sales tool, the monthly catalog. Previous catalog designs were inconsistent and muddied by the individual agendas of Redken’s large marketing department, which consisted of five divisions—hair care, hair color, styling, men’s, and education. The challenge was to establish a production-friendly system and produce a publication that effectively communicated the Redken brand identity in addition to new product launches, complex product offerings, and educational initiatives.

MSLK sought to unify the wide variety of products and dissonant brand offerings with a strong, overarching editorial design. Each issue would begin with a product launch highlighted on sexy black pages. In addition, these product features would include more editorial content such as product education, application tips, and business building tools aptly named BizTips. These special tips addressed how salons could promote products and increase sales, a common need among less savvy salon owners.

The redesign reflected Redken’s overall, fashion-forward, brand image. MSLK created a clear system to consistently handle the diverse product offerings through editorial spreads and accent colors. Most importantly, our innovative method of violating the page margin to highlight product features and “BizTips” proved to be effective. Overall, the redesign encouraged readers to hold onto the catalog longer and use it as a tool.

Ultimately, the redesigned publication became a practical business guide for salons and an effective catalog of products. In 2005, Redken saw a 13% increase in sales, which was attributed in part to the redesign. Our production efficiencies had helped cut their production budget in half. Five years later, MSLK has overseen over 60 issues of this publication, leading the design and production process for every issue.