Pantone: Colorstrology Birthday Booklets

  This past Friday, some of us at MSLK went to Cut & Paste, a digital design tournament sponsored by Adobe among other software manufacturers. Rather than post about the tournament itself, which I found to be kind of sub-par, I thought I’d comment on this promotion by Pantone, which was given out at one of the tables. These “birthday-booklets” contain a special set of pantone colors called Colorstrology. Each month has its own set of hues, and each day has a specific hue with a description. There is also an accompanying flash site for Colorstrology. What I find kind of curious is that this set of colors is for entertainment purposes only. This would have been extremely innovative if this was a promotion for a new color system to encourage people to buy new color-books. Instead, it seems to be something much less purposeful, yet is fun nevertheless.