The General Store: Posters


The General Store in Nyack, a retail clothing store in upstate New York, needed to stand out from the crowd and promote their product offerings of staple apparels such as socks, underwear, jeans, and t-shirts for men and women. The challenge was to create a memorable window display that would entice people passing by to come inside.

MSLK strategized that the secret to warming hearts to the new store wasn’t slick photography, but rather clever puns and whimsical illustrations. Using only in-house resources, we captured the store’s humorous attitude through wacky illustrations highlighting key products and headlines such as “a brief introduction” and “great jean pool.”

Bold colors and rudimentary brush strokes brought the otherwise dull line of products to life. MSLK further suggested the window display have a system of clotheslines that would hang the posters with corresponding merchandise.

MSLK’s design solution brought joy not only to the products themselves but also to the entire neighborhood. Originally intended for temporary use only, each poster evolved into permanent interior decor as well as a printed ad campaign for local publications.