I Hate Bottled Water

What did the world DO before we had little bottles of water everywhere? Since we were still drinking water I think it’s safe to assume we were okay. In fact, I could find no evidence online that our increase in bottled water consumption (up 57% in the last 5 years), has led to any increase in our consumption of water overall. Ie: no one is speculating that the increase in bottled water means we are consuming more water regularly. Therefore I think it is safe to assume that we don’t NEED water in bottles. We need more portable, personal, reusable water bottles like my Nalgene, drinking fountains, pitchers of water in the office, maybe even Britta’s for hypochondriacs, but bottled water, I’m not so sure. However, with that caveat I will point out that BIOTA Spring Water caught my attention with their new corn based PLA bottle. BIOTA’s water bottle made out of 100% corn will degrade within 75 to 80 days in a commercial composting situation. Which mind you requires heat, engery, etc. but a traditional plastic bottle made from oil will never biodegrade so if you MUST buy a bottle of water, look for BIOTA.