MSLK Named in Top Global Cosmetic Package Design Companies

“Research shows that 33% percent of consumers will refuse to use a product or brand if they don’t like the look of their packaging label – and cosmetic packaging design is a prime example of this in action.”

PRWeb, June 18, 2019

MSLK was named in the top Cosmetic Package Design Companies in the world by B2B marketplace experts, DesignRush. While determining the best cosmetic packaging of 2019 (which included Glossier, NARS, Milk, and Benefit), they also researched the “best local and global package design agencies who can design well-branded package designs that will help grow businesses”. Ranked among a global selection, we are proud to be making a difference in the packaging sphere.

In a world of online retail, does packaging still matter? After all, consumers have already purchased the product by the time they physically interact with it. There once was a time where this was questioned. What we now know is that the primary packaging and the unboxing experience matter. Well-designed outer shipping box, inserts, and even packing material selection is an important part of the experience and must reflect your brand ethos. 

MSLK’s packaging design for Liv Lux Lab’s “Save Me From” hair care line features a box that would be broken open by a pull strip that tore out the type of “damage” that the product reverses. Although many design directions were explored, this design concept of a “zip strip” became a client favorite for its exciting unboxing experience.

A recent study uncovered that consumers spend approximately 45 seconds unwrapping and unpacking an eCommerce delivery. That’s 45 seconds of uninterrupted, quality time with customers. In a world of short attention spans and where things can be immediately scrolled past, this is a powerful way to tout a brand story.

This also matters because 72% of customers are saying that they use unboxing videos for research before purchase. There has been an 871% growth of video clips with “unboxing video” in its title since 2010. In addition, 40% of shoppers say they’d be willing to post an unboxing video if their experience was worth sharing. In fact, consumers are often watching 15-20 min videos on this topic!

Design Rush said the beauty of packaging “can work to elicit a certain type of emotion within you.” We think this is a beautiful way of putting it. Thank you to Design Rush for ranking us among the best!

MSLK has also ranked in the following lists:

Top Cosmetic Packaging Design

Each SKU of the Save Me From line features the same unboxing experience.

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