MSLK Creates Blog for Artist’s Rep, Friend and Johnson

has recently had the opportunity to work on a number of projects that have involved content strategy for social media. This was the primary challenge for established artist representative agency, Friend and Johnson, who was looking for ways to connect with a new generation of young art directors while also being found more easily by search engines. Their existing image-based flash site did not enable them to tell more in-depth stories behind their artists and overall brand, nor did it allow for more current social media sharing features. In order to address these issues, we recommended the creation of a blog, which would become the centerpiece of their online presence. Read more to learn about our strategy and design process.

We established a content strategy, adding a few light design touches to improve their overall brand. We devised a tagline, “Connecting Creatives, Creatively” to better describe the relationship between artists and art directors. We then established a list of key phrases to be employed on their blog and website as an organic search engine optimization strategy. From there, we developed a content plan to be used as a guide for writing articles, which would position Friend and Johnson as thought leaders among their peers.

We improved on their existing website by establishing a clearer hierarchy of information and adding a secondary color — blue — to their identity in order to create more visual interest and hierarchy. The blog’s three-column layout clearly separates information with filtering options on the left, content in the middle, and social features in the right-hand column. These social plug-ins are essential in helping Friend and Johnson establish a strong social media presence.

Users now have the ability to “like”, “tweet” and comment on any post with one click. Additionally, users can see who else likes the Friend and Johnson Facebook Fan page and “like” it without leaving the blog.

Look for the blog to go live early summer along with an MSLK-designed social media launch campaign.