Things to Love 2014


With Valentine’s day just around the corner, MSLK has compiled a list of the things we have been loving inside, around, and outside the studio. Enjoy and please share the love!

Using the latest in web technology and 3D printing, Mymo is a sculptural twist on the traditional monogram. You can pair any two letters or number combinations together, creating a personalized pendant or keychain. If nothing else, check out the snazzy 3D rendering interface with your own initials.


More Love Letters
More Love Letters invites you to send an anonymous love letter in hope of lifting someone’s day. Spreading love and joy to people is a great way of saying “you are not alone.”


Do you love the look of handwritten notes even though your penmanship may be less than stellar? Now, sending personalized valentines cards to everyone you know is super-easy with Type  unique messages to each person online — or write a single message, and Postable will mail it to as many people as you want. They’ll never know you didn’t write it yourself!


Paulie Gee’s Pizza
Nestled in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn is an amazing pizza place that many New Yorkers have yet to discover. With amazingly innovative offerings for just about everyone, Paulie Gee’s is one of the few places that has vegan pizza options that aren’t soy-based. Located at 60 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn 11222


Google Art Project
Now you can tour the world’s best museums virtually, viewing works at INCREDIBLE levels — allowing you to get far closer to to the art than you ever could in person. With artwork from over 300 museums around the world (Musée d’ Orsay, Uffizi, Hermitage, and The Met to name a few…), the Google Art Project finally allows you to experience art the way it was meant to be appreciated: from your couch!


Okay, this one is admittedly nerdy — but MSLK is having a torrid love affair with Asana! This is a simple, free project management tool which has streamlined our workflow and simplified our Q&A process when receiving feedback from clients. This helps us collaborate with our clients and vendors, allowing us to focus on the creative part of the project, rather than managing it.


MSLK loves identifying and collecting great inspiration as reference for projects. We’ve been searching for better ways to catalog our inspiration for easy reference when we need it. Pinterest is great, but Padlet offers much more. It is a free online mood-boarding application where you can add images, text, video, or documents onto “walls.”


Then She Fell
We’re not ones to just sit back and relax, so why would we expect anything less from our entertainment? If you love immersive theater experiences, check out Then She Fell for a new twist on Lewis Carroll. This is poised to be the next Sleep No More.


Color Scheme Designer
Do you love color? If you’re daunted by the task of choosing from the infinite possibilities, Color Scheme Designer is a great online tool which allows you to quickly and easily choose color palettes. This tool was developed with web designers in mind, even though anyone can use it. Who knows, you may just find a new reason to redecorate your living room.

Beats may have started a silent revolution visible on every sidewalk in NYC: gigantic, oversized “ear goggles” have now replaced the once ubiquitous white earbuds for mobile listening. While we love Beats’ array of snazzy colors, we are loving our DJ-quality AIAIAI TMA-1 DJ Headphone Beatport model.

Big Secret Website
No longer reserved for bowling trophies and the iPhone you ordered directly from Apple, laser engraving can go on anything you want. We can no longer keep Big Secret a big secret!

Cover Junkie
Cover Junkie is a great source for designers and all “magaphiles” to get their fix of the world’s best in magazine covers all in one place.

United States of Bourbon
We love when things are USA-made, even more when they’re exclusively so. Whereas Champagne can only be made in Champagne, France — bourbon can only be made in the USA. In fact, 95% of all bourbon is from Kentucky. Here is a link to our favorite drink recipes from this most spirited of spirits:

Drinking & Drawing
Back in our art school days, figure drawing was a serious activity. These days, a new trend has swept the nation, combining two things we love: Drinking and Drawing! In NYC, there are so many great places to choose — from art studios where you can “BYOB,” to bars where you can “BYOP&P” (Bring Your Own Pencil & Paper). We’ve gone on a few excursions as a studio, and hope to do more soon.

Lovers of typography and arcane words will appreciate Lexican, a beautifully designed website which is a fun update on the “word of the day” calendars of yore. (Let’s give a shout out to the word “yore”!)