Stick It To Them!

If you’ve ever hopped on the subway, examined a menu, or ventured out pretty much anywhere in public with a graphic designer, you know how annoying it can be. Designers are always analyzing the surrounding typefaces, concepts and color pallets. And sadly, what we notice most often is the bad design — poorly shot photographs with bad photoshop effects, epic type treatments with drop shadows, outlines, and gradients, layouts lacking alignment and structure, oh the list goes on. Of course it’s the widows, kerning and typos that bring the design snobs out in full effect.

Well, let me tell you, it’s as annoying to be a designer surrounded by design gaffes as it is to hang out with one. But now we have a sticky little outlet to help us voice our frustration, thanks to the Design Police! They have created sheets of stickers you can download, print and stick to bad design. Ahh, we can now traverse the city with a little less agitation and a mission to combat bad design one sticker at a time. I can’t wait to print some out!