Beauty Branding Inspiration Pinterest Board

Beauty Branding Inspiration Pinterest Board MSLK

We’ve compiled the essential elements a brand needs in its branding toolbox when building a beauty brand. So follow us on Pinterest for beauty branding inspiration on everything from packaging to brand strategy, to websites, and digital marketing. This is perfect for marketers who are looking to take their brand to the next level as well as entrepreneurs with a vision.

Planning a board of inspiration for the look, feel, features, and benefits your brand intends to offer is a great way to inspire and brief any agency or team you work with in the future. There are so many things a founder and product developer has to consider when building a brand that it can be easy to lose sight of the overall goals. A mood board helps to stay focused on the bigger picture. 

This type of mood board and planning is also a great way to plan content and visuals that may appeal to your audience in social media and digital marketing. If there’s one thing customers remember about a brand, it is the colors, shapes, symbols, and words a brand uses. These essential tools should cohesively be present in packaging, e-commerce, advertising, etcetera.

For many brands, the packaging is the most challenging piece of the puzzle to solve. The main reason for this is the relatively small display panels and required copy brands have to work with. Additionally, as 100% of the consumers will interact with your packaging, it’s the living and breathing representation of your brand in their homes. To help you out, we provide you with a Pinterest mood board with a great amount of inspiration.

Brand’s visual essence

Speaking of the visual essence of your brand, Pinterest is a good place to start when creating a beauty business. Visuals tell a compelling story without text, which is one of the key reasons Pinterest is such a popular image-based platform today. Pinterest users share billions of unique and beautiful images to inspire others. A big bonus for brands that are just getting started is that 80% of the people active on Pinterest discover new brands via Pinterest(1). It’s an excellent place for customers planning beauty looks or planning for a special event. It’s beneficial to be active on Pinterest as your audience of women will create other inspiring boards with your brand’s content.

By the way, we’re sweet on Pinterest ourselves. Pinterest is for planners, and what better way to plan your beauty brand than to peruse our Beauty Branding Pinterest board for inspiration? We’re bringing you the latest and greatest of the brands we admire as well as current trends in the market. Check out and follow our Beauty Branding Pinterest Board and ask us about digital marketing on Pinterest too!


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