I heart Throwies

Part TPing and part graffiti, “throwies” are a great way to make your mark without permanent implications. All you need is a watch battery, an LED light, a magnet, and some tape. You can “throw” them up against any building or object made of steel.
At a recent concert I noticed them used as a clever marketing tool. Zip Car parked a Mini Cooper covered with branded “throwies” in front of the venue. For those in the know, it was a subtle invitation to take one for yourself (after all, graffiti belongs to no one) and for others, it was just a cool car with lights. When asked about the promotion, those running the show said that since you can no longer bring lighters into a concert, ‘throwies” are a great way to light up the night during your favorite song.

As I grabbed one for the road, I inspired 8 others to pull one off for themselves. Now that’s viral marketing at it’s best.