Watershed Coverage on Inhabitat, and other Eco Blogs

Inhabitat Webpage Showing MSLK’s Eco-art Project: Watershed

It’s amazing to see Watershed, our latest eco-art installation, receive so much great coverage online. We’re particularly thrilled to have received a write-up from Inhabitat, our favorite blog about design and the environment who writes:

“…MSLK is creating an installation that is an in-your-face visual of the amount of water bottles consumed in the United States. The installation uses 1,500 water bottles, the number of bottles consumed every 1 second — that’s 90,000 bottles per minute!”

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The Green Life, the Sierra Club’s Online Magazine, writes:

“The installations created by MSLK have a sort of astonishing beauty, but considering that in the minute or so it took you to read about these projects, 90,000 plastic bottles and nearly 160,000 plastic bags have entered the waste stream, the reality they represent isn’t so pretty.”

Ecofriend writes:

“New York-based graphic design agency MSLK is creating an installation that inspires people to recycle plastic water bottles used by them into a beautiful piece of art.”

Trendhunter writes:

“‘Watershed’ stacks water bottles in unusual ways in an attempt to start conversations about the amount of water bottles used in a minute. Trash as art is always a great way to spark conversation, and this is a great one by MSLK.”

GreenMuze writes:

“The project also highlights the ugly side of the bottled water industry; 50 billion bottles of water are bought each year, 80% end up in a landfill; 17 million barrels of oil are used in producing bottled water each year; and bottled water costs a 1,000 times more than tap water.”

Join us at the unveiling of Watershed at the Figment Art festival on NYC’s Governers Island which will be open to the public June 12-14th.