Light up the Life of Someone You Love

Last year MSLK gave our loved ones compact fluorescent light bulbs (CLFs) for the holidays. Now while this is probably not on the top of anyone’s wish list, we wanted to give a gift with a more lasting sentiment that truly showed how much we care for those around us and their overall quality of life, beyond tangible goods.

The facts about these electric wonders are pretty astonishing so we accompanied each gift with a booklet we designed that highlighted the overall energy saving statistics if every household in America changed just one bulb. For example, if every household changed just one bulb the amount of power saved would be enough to provide electricity for all the homes in the state of Delaware…or Rhode Island. We figured that if we gave our families enough to change every light in their house, they could do the work of 20-30 households.

The bulbs were a great hit, and the booklet was just the right kind of icing on the cake for such a conceptual gift.

As you prepare your list for holiday shopping, perhaps there is someone in your life that could use that gentle push to “go green.” CFL’s are a great start as they have money and time saving benefits to the recipient as well.

If you want to include our fact booklet you can download and print out a copy here. There are 8 cards in the set. We trimmed out each card and riveted the booklet together. However, a simple hole punch in the upper left hand corner tied with string will work as well.

If you are having trouble navigating which bulbs to buy, we suggest the N:Vision daylight or soft white bulbs. These have been color corrected to better mimic the quality of light you are used to with standard incandescent bulbs. Remember that the wattage equivalent on a CFL is way lower than on an incandescent. For example a 14 watt bulb is the equivalent to a 60 watt incandescent, which is a common maximum wattage on most fixtures.