Facebook is Reformatting All Business Pages

Have you seen the MSLK facebook page? Are you a fan? If not, become one right now, especially because soon it will be completely reworked, by Facebook. When I visited the MSLK page today I received a notice that company pages will soon look like regular member profile pages. So our simple, yet beautifully customized design above, will be altered to look like this…

Quite a bummer for the time we spent to date. Certainly one of the challenges of not having 100% control over your work and proof that Facebook really is in control of what is happening.

Can you imagine the retooling a company, Victoria’s Secret Pink, will need to do to bring their page back in line? They have 6 customized applications made especially for the “old” format.

However, despite the inconveniences the change is causing now, it looks like it’ll be better for the long run. Facebook is attempting to create more opportunities for brands to approach consumers on a personal level.

If you have a business page, it’s time to visit it and see what Facebook has in store. At first review, the new pages are intended to make publishing easier and form a prominent brand presence. Any updates to pages, ranging from events, reviews and discussions, will appear on Newsfeeds and each tabbed application can serve as a link to off-site promotions.

Only time will tell if Facebook’s new changes will turn fans into brand advocates. But for now, companies should go out and grab any emerging opportunities, like this, to market themselves.