MSLK Featured Among Top Leaders

MSLK was just featured in the January 15th issue of Investor’s Business Daily in article titled,  “Never Stop Learning: Retool to Lift Your Firm,” by Adelia Cellini Linecker.

During an hour-long conversation with the reporter last month, she picked our brains on everything from cost-effective marketing tips and strategies to time management practices. This resulted in a nice piece on the front page of the Leaders & Success section.

Marc and I were thrilled that the article quoted us numerous times. We really do have a lot to say on rebranding and repositioning a brand. We were also honored to be the only graphic design agency providing authoritative, expert advice to the publication’s 150,000 or so daily readers – senior executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs.

In the article, we spoke about how rebranding is the most cost-effective way to change the image of a company without changing its actual structure—a fact we have proven time and time again.

Of course, the biggest misconception is that rebranding is expensive. The cost of losing a client’s confidence and awareness by having an old image or an image that a customer can’t associate with is too high to ignore. Now, more than ever, rebranding pays for itself over time.

The article later listed seven steps that businesses can take to make sure branding dollars are well spent:

1   Get Support
2  Build Teams
3  Share Knowledge
4  Measure Results
5  Maintain Interest
6  Stay In Sync
7  Set Limits

Check out the full article here: Investor Business Daily.