3 Awards for MSLK’s Colorful Rebranding

It is with great pride that we announce that our collaboration with Colorproof has been honored with two prestigious awards: the 100REBRAND Award, the WBDS Award and the Indigo Design Award. These accolades recognize excellence in design and innovation, celebrating the transformative impact of our work with Colorproof.

The esteemed 100 REBRAND award acknowledges innovative rebranding efforts that effectively communicate a brand’s essence, values, and vision to its audience, showcasing MSLK’s expertise in creating impactful brand experiences. The WBDS Award acknowledges outstanding achievements in branding, design, and packaging, reaffirming the success of our holistic approach to reimagining the Colorproof brand experience. Similarly, the Indigo Design Award celebrates creativity and originality in design, underscoring the innovative solutions we brought to the table in partnership with Colorproof.

In the dynamic world of professional haircare, where brands often prioritize color preservation above all else, Colorproof stands as a beacon of innovation and diversity. Offering a comprehensive range of products that not only protect color but also address various hair concerns like smoothing, volumizing, and moisturizing, Colorproof has carved a niche for itself in a crowded market. When Cosway Beauty Brands recognized the need for a transformative overhaul of the Colorproof brand, MSLK stepped in to spearhead a comprehensive redesign that would redefine every facet of the brand experience.

One of the standout elements of this redesign was the evolution of the Colorproof logo. Inspired by the graceful movement of hair, MSLK reimagined the existing “tree” logo, streamlining it into interweaving strands that encapsulate the brand’s initials, creating a captivating monograph. This redesign not only paid homage to the brand’s heritage but also resolved logistical challenges associated with the previous logo application.

The packaging redesign was another pivotal aspect of MSLK’s collaboration with Colorproof. Initial feedback highlighted the perception of the brand’s packaging as overly colorful, prompting a strategic shift towards a unified base shade for packaging molds. However, MSLK’s creative exploration led to the retention of colored components for each product regimen, resulting in a visually arresting spectrum that provided practical cues for consumers while maintaining brand cohesion. Custom gold disc caps adorned with the new brand mark further elevated the packaging, ensuring a tactile connection with consumers.

Beyond aesthetics, MSLK and Colorproof tackled the challenge of brand architecture, streamlining product names and refining the brand’s portfolio to align with consumer needs. This meticulous approach not only clarified product offerings but also laid the groundwork for future line extensions and enhancements.

Central to the brand’s transformation was the revitalization of messaging and image guidelines. MSLK crafted key pillars—”connected by color” and “powered by proof”—that infused the brand’s identity with purpose and resonance. Through rich, saturated imagery and clear messaging, consumers were guided through the color-coded system, empowering them to make informed choices for their hair care needs.

The culmination of MSLK’s partnership with Colorproof resulted in a redesign that transcended mere aesthetics. It was a testament to the brand’s evolution and MSLK’s commitment to addressing the diverse needs of Colorproof’s valued customers.